Ann King-Ferrette is an entrepreneur specializing in business and personal taxes, Property and Casualty insurance, credit repair and budget counseling, and for over thirteen years providing bail bond services in the surrounding counties. She earned her BS in Business Management from Southern Wesleyan University.  She is a virtuous leader of honesty and integrity, serving the community for fifteen (15) years. Her sharp business acumen, knowledge, and creativity yields impactful results. 

Mrs. Ann is extremely driven when it comes to her passion of helping others succeed. She is often referred to as “The woman who wears a crown,” because there is no problem she can’t counsel or try to resolve, and simply have endless reserves of tenacity, patience, and resilience. Not only is she an accomplished business woman, she’s the wife of Bernard Ferrette, her ground wire she calls him, for twenty-five (25) years, a mother, and grandmother who enjoys spending quality time with her family. She loves a good laugh, and likes to dance and sing when no one is watching.