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Personal insurance coverage is for the home, cars, motorcycles, boats, mobile homes, etc.

Home Owners Insurance HO3, HO4 and HO6

Your home is you where you belong. Insurance will have you stay home long. Insurance coverage for your home should be looked at as an asset not a liability. Insurance is your protection, so don’t leave home without it. Without insurance, a loss can cost you money that you cannot afford to pay. Why pay for loses out of pocket, when you can use the money for more happier events.

The insurance company (insurer) pays you the (insured) more than you pay them when you suffer a loss due to perils (fire, storm, flood, earth quake and so much more).

You need flood insurance in case of a flood. You need earthquake insurance in case of an earthquake.

Why home insurance is important?

Example 1

Average cost for home insurance is $1,600.00 per year x 30 years = $48,000.00.
The average cost of a home is $260,000.00.
If you have a lost, do you see the gain?

Why vehicle insurance is important?

Example 2

Average cost for a 6 months policy: 1 vehicle $780.00+; 2 vehicle 1,500.00+
Average cost of a vehicle is $38,000.00.
If you have a lost, you will gain!

Renters Insurance

Your landlord is not responsible or will not replace your furniture, big screen TV, games, clothes or anything you purchased if it’s lost due to a fire, storm, etc.

Business Insurance

Auto Liability | Garage Insurance               Event Insurance                       Worker’s Comp
General Liability                                             Surety Bond
Professional Liability                                     Truckers Insurance